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Are you a Startup or an indie dev who is looking to grow your app revenue and user base asap? Are you looking for a way to drive more downloads and user engagement?

Look no further! Our team of experienced app marketing experts can help you reach your "Target Audience" and achieve your business goals.


Where most marketing agencies take a min. 5k/USD a month of service charge, our prices are flexible for every client size. Get on a free consultation call where we help you with analyzing your app, campaigns, ASO and more...



for your app marketing

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know how…?

➡️ 120+ App marketed till now and generated more than 50 million Installs.

➡️ Advertising spend of upto monthly 100k+ USD.

➡️ Proven strategies that shows 2X Results.

➡️ App and Game startups who are looking to acquire quality users and improve their store rankings faster.

Don't believe us, Results says it All...

Google Ads (1)

Google Ads (2)

Facebook Ads (1)

Facebook Ads (2)

Our comprehensive app marketing strategy includes everything from…

➡️ Market Research.

➡️ Audience Targeting.

➡️ Creative Ad Campaigns.

➡️ User Acquisition. 

We use a data-driven approach to ensure that every dollar you spend on marketing is maximized for maximum Return On Investment.

Here are just a few real-life case studies of how our agency has helped our clients succeed.

Case study #1: Outthinking Private limited (use cooking fest logo)

➡️ Company that has over 50 apps and games uses our data based approach to generate better revenues and profits.

➡️ We are responsible for managing their Google ads, Fb ads, IG ads, reporting and giving them ideas on what strategy to follow in order to generate most results.

➡️ Company saw an upside of upto 50% improvement in ads revenue.

➡️ Helped them with ASO strategy for some of their apps and games that helped them boost their app rankings that resulted in more organic installs and better conversion rates.

Case study #2: mGamer and mRewards

➡️ We helped them with ASO strategy that boosted their app rankings in top 10 for most high volume keywords related to play and earn.

➡️ This helped them get more than a million installs in less than 2 months.

➡️ Helped them improving with their App Store Optimization (ASO).

➡️ Also managed their Google Ads to get most installs at a profitable cost. This resulted in further boosting their revenue.

Case study #3: Viker

➡️ We helped them with their Facebook and Google ads for their games.

➡️ Scaled their Brick Breaker game from 10k to 200k installs in less than 2 months.

➡️ Also, helped them with “Who wants to be a millionaire”, “amazeballs”, “wheels of trivia” scaling.

We have done it for 50+ apps...

There are many more success stories of early stage startups, companies and indie devs that used our services to get the massive growth and popularity of their game or app.

Top marketing channels we use...

We are helping improving userbase and increasing their revenue through marketing channels like Google Ads, Meta Ads (facebook and Instagram) and Apple search ads.

Top marketing Strategies we use...

➡️ Google Ads strategy.

➡️ Social Media Ads Strategy.

➡️ App Store Optimization Strategy.

and this is not it…

 We don’t just stop at acquiring new users. 

 Our services make sure you get the most value out of the marketing campaigns.

 Drive Growth to Apps and games. Increase user base and conversions with app marketing strategies.

We also have a range of retention and monetization tactics to help you keep your users engaged and coming back for more.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a customized plan to help you succeed.

Analytics Covered From...

Launching an amazing product with lots of features is really great achievement for any app developer but this hard work is of no use if it fails to get the quality users which leads to profitability. 
We help you find the target market and users that your business craves for in order to get on the path to success.

Time to take a decision...

Contact us today to learn more about how our app marketing services can help you reach your full potential.

What to expect from meeting?

⏩ We will discuss your goals & targets.

⏩ If already running ad campaigns, we will discuss top strategies to improve the campaigns.

⏩ Getting insights, ideas on how we can grow your user base & revenue 2X faster.

⏩ Weekly plan on what we will scale your campaigns using proven methods.

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